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Launch 7-Series

From September 15 to September 17, DIVEU hosted a 3-day launching show for the 7-Series Electric and Diesel forklifts. For this occasion, we showcased our new range on a real catwalk.

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On the first day, Dr. KB Park, President of Doosan Industrial Vehicle, welcomed our National dealers from Western Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway, Porutugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland) and Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania).

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John Coudyzer, Sales Representative for DIVEU National Dealers, presented the Doosan 7-Series Diesel. Koen Janssens, Marketing Manager for DIVEU, introduced the brand new Doosan 7-Series Electric (3-wheel and 4-wheel 1.5-2.0 ton) forklifts.

IMG_0593 IMG_0599

The new stand-in stacker LEFD was presented by our German sales representative Volker Landwehr. The last topic of the morning presentations was the PowerPlus Extended Warranty Program for Powertrain.

IMG_0690 P1020525 IMG_0682

In the afternoon, all visitors had the opportunity to test all new 7-Series models. The reactions were very positive and all dealers are very motivated to launch these new models in their domestic markets.

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Aftersales organized a fair where suppliers as Henmar (cabins), Petronas (Doosan oil) and GNB Exide (batteries) where represented. The merchandising range was showcased in the “merchandising shop”.

IMG_0748 Group Picture

During the evening dinner, all dealers had the opportunity to discuss business in an informal atmosphere.

IMG_0826 IMG_1126

On Wednesday, the French dealers attended the 7-Series Launch Event in Sint-Niklaas. The German dealers closed the 3-day 7-Series Launch Event on Thursday.

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