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Carrelli elevatori elettrici

    Carrelli elevatori elettrici 3 ruote 1,3-1,6 tonnellate Serie 7 1,5 a 2,0 tonnellate Serie 7 B13/15/16R-7 B15/18/20T-7 Carrelli elevatori elettrici 4 ruote 1,6-2,0 tonnelate Serie 7 2,2-3,5 tonnelate Serie 7 (80V) 4,0-5,0 tonnelate Serie 7  B16/18/20X-7 B22/25/30/35X-7 B40/45/50X-7 B50XC-7

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Doosan Forklifts

Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle, through ceaseless change and innovation efforts, vows to provide the best quality and services to customers.         Welcome to Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle My name is CW Park, Chief Executive Officer of Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle. I would like to […]

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Low Lifetime Costs, No mother-in-laws.

By designing simple, yet powerful trucks that offer excellent performance and superb value for money, Doosan has grown into one of the world’s most respected forklift companies. The value of our trucks can be seen in the rugged components and solid metal construction. Thanks to low parts […]

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